Sunday, June 5, 2011

Author Ester Lighthorse Speaks on Religion and God

 Ester Lighthorse created controversy with her crass, off-the-wall, provoking re-write of the New Testament called 'The Tenement Gospel'. All of the words of wisdom and salvation through Jesus are accurately interpreted as they were originally intended to be understood. The entire first book of 'The Tenement Gospel' ,called M'Tew, is available for review at the following link:

'The Tenement Gospel' is a total reconstruction of the Holy Bible's twenty-seven books of the New Testament and is rife with foul language, drug use, absurd and crazy situations, and several absolutely whacked out versions of Jesus, the twelve disciples, and his messages.

On her website Ester Lighthorse discusses many things pertaining to the abuse of religion and faith and the absurdity of institutionalized religion.

A majority of what Ester Lighthorse writes is considered straight-up blasphemy by most, if not nearly all Christians.

The tone of Ester's books and the content of her website point to a severe dislike of religion, Christianity in particular, and have been called "slanderous of God" and of the Holy Bible and promoting of atheism.

The Tenement Gospel:

Turkey Broth for the Spirit: for the Theologian's Spirit:

Turkey Broth for the Spirit: Confessions of a Born Again Atheist:

Turkey Broth for the Spirit: and God Said: