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EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT: God will allow anyone into heaven so long as they use their freewill to choose God

Can freewill and predestination be rectified? No, they cannot. Freewill must exist free and clear of any known and set outcome. Now, freewill can exist right along side of knowing a variety of possible outcomes, but the outcome itself must not be set. But that is not the only problem with the idea of predestination.
There is considerable conflict between predestination and the notion that God is just and merciful. If God, who is supposed to be a just, merciful, and loving God, has everybody's life all set and ready to go even before they are born then this God is anything BUT just and merciful and loving...Because what kind of God predestines babies to be born addicted to 
crack or heroin? 

What kind of God predestines thousands of people to die
 horrible deaths at the grubby paws of a handful of psychopathic religious extremists who decide to jack some passenger airliners and fly them into buildings? How about WWI and WWII, the numerous attempts (and some times successes) of genocide, little kids that die terribly from the cancers that ravage their bodies, or people who are beaten to death because of their sexual preference or the color of their skin?  

 Any religious faith that says God gave man freewill and then stipulated a Believe-This-Way-Or-Die ideology for man to follow is not in any way, shape, or form indicative of a healthy belief system or of freewill. 

Such a belief system does not encourage proper thinking patterns, and neither does it encourage good social interaction by demanding converts go out and try to convert others with horror stories of Armageddon and a very pissed off Jesus.

Go to this link for the true story of Noah's Ark:

You know, the stupidity of religion can be so obvious. Does God really hate the gays and lesbians of humanity? No. This is just something self-righteous, deluded, uber-religious trolls say in a seriously half-assed effort to try to make themselves and their particular set of beliefs look better than all the other beliefs out there. ANY faith or belief system that teaches hate on any level is not worth the time of day nor the problems it creates.

And while those religious folk out there who just love to 
draw deep lines of separation in the sands of faith hold their signs of hate high above their heads, be sure to remind them of that part of their scriptures that does say that love is patient, kind, everlasting, understanding, and conquers all... because conquering all does include gender. If love really is all of these great things and is such a great power, and it is, then God is also the same way, right?

For the real book of Revelation go to:

And what does it say in certain
 scriptures in regards to God and Love? Why, it says that God IS Love. So, follow that line of reasoning and you will see why God cannot possibly hate gays and lesbians, because if Love conquers all, and if God is Love, then guess what? God also conquers include gender. People can try their hardest to try to twist scriptures to fit their hate, but it does not make what they say truth. The Holy Bible is supposed to be a sword of truth, but it isn't. Yet, people still swallow such crap every day.

According to many, the Holy Bible is supposed to be the actual Word of God as so related to specific people, prophets, or apostles who were supposedly under the influence of God. And how do people know that the writers of the scriptures were under the direct influence of God? Why, because they say so in the very same text that they supposedly wrotewhile under the influence of God. What do you is the original D.U.I. Deluded Under the Influence. And, people take such as truth.
There are very serious problems with this line of 
reasoning. No outside sources whatsoever are utilized.The writers of the Holy Bible use what they have written as the validating factors for what they have written. Well, isn't that nice? It is truth because we say it is truth. And God forbid if you should question what they say is truth, because then you are being actively poisoned by the Devil.

Keep in mind, if you offer a differing opinion or point of view these very same people will ask you for proof, actual, factual valid proof for what you believe. And they certainly will not take, "Because I hold it to be true," as a
 valid answer. 

Ask a religious individual how they know Jesus is the Son of
 God, that God created man, that Jesus died for the sins of all men, that the Immaculate Conception is real, that Jesus walked on water, that Jesus performed amazing miracles, that Jesus rose from the dead, and that in order to not go to hell you have to believe exactly as the Bible says? What answer do they give you? "Because it says so in the Bible, God's own Word and instruction."

However, tell any such individual that you believe in reincarnation, communication with spirits, healing powers, second sight powers, powerful visions and dreams, the use of chants and spells, the study and use of magic through personal understanding of metaphysics, tarot cards...any such thing or anything even remotely related and you will find yourself attacked from every angle on each one of those beliefs. 

And, if you try to tell them that you also have literature/scripture that teaches and speaks of such things as very, VERY real you will find not one shred of truth is allowed or extended to your beliefs or related literature. It will not matter how many ways you try to put it that everything you believe in is in your specific belief's literature. It is your basic 'do as I say and not as I do' bullshit.
 What that basically translates to is the typical double standard that is practiced and preached the world over.

check out:

Imagine if the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) allowed medications onto the market based on that same screwy line of reasoning. It would go something like this: Company 'X' is selling a new drug for depression and it is one hundred percent safe because the people who invented it and who make money off of it say it is safe. No outside testing or studies are used or needed. Anything any other company is selling is not appropriate for consumption no matter what studies have been done.

Why do so many people fight over what they believe to be the truth in regards to faith and God and salvation? It is because in many people there is a deep seeded desire to have something others do not have, to have aspecial answer or way of life or belief that makes them better or more correct or more special than the next person or set of beliefs. And maybe it is also an absurd desire to interpret some things as meaning ANYTHING other than what they are really intended to mean.

And the sad part about it is that you will never be able to convince such people of the ridiculousness of their claims. It is something they absolutely must see for themselves. Unfortunately, not only are their heads as far up their asses as they can go, but they have their eyes and minds clamped shut to anything contrary to the relative safety of their deluded, segregated faiths.

The tendency for many individuals or groups to abuse the natural desire of a person to try to understand things of a spiritual nature is an affront to the intellect of man. Now, some people will label such a statement as Devil inspired poison. Whatever, man. What freaking ever. The real poison is the extent of abuse of the ideas of God, religion, faith, and the continued abuse of those who elect to abstain from believing 
such fairy tales as truth.

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