Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Holy Imbeciles and God-Men

Are these Videos Examples of God's Twisted Sense of Humor?

     So, God has this wonderful message of LOVE and MERCY and HOPE and PEACE and FORGIVENESS and SALVATION and THESE ARE THE PEOPLE that have been chosen to convey this divine message?

The absolute BEST money racket ever. Move over MOB cause you've got nothing on Jesus and His disciples. Listen to some of these fringe benefits and you will see why some pick a life with Jesus.

Who can ever forget this? See, Jesus DOES love the ladies of the night. Oh, and Jimmy, let's not go with the false I-am-sooo-sorry-and-Jesus-will-forgive-me bullshit. It simply is not your style.

Mend this collar bone? Bones...GO TOGETHER?! WTH? And here I thought Jesus meant something a bit different when He said He could heal a person of anything at all. And what it that stupid version of tongues that this turd is trying real hard to pass off as heavenly babble?

Look how this douche bag lives. He didn't fall very far, did he? Halelujah! Glory to Jimmy's God...MONEY! Oh, and Jimmy, work on your sales pitch for the CDs and I'll bet you sell a bit more.

This guy is a SUPREME ASSHOLE and he seems to roll in the glory of such. Why didn't that lady on the show bitch-slap the old coot and give him what for just for the stupid shit he loves to let fly?

Peter Popoff reminds me of one of those late-night vacuum salesmen that you can see on television at about three in the morning. Listen to what he says...he'll never be broke another day in his life. That is true, but not for the reasons he wants you to believe. The bastard lives off of the dough the faithfull lambs of the world send him. Then this pulpit bitch was sent packing when his scam was caught, but now is back. Damn.

This is simply hilarious. A NUN stealing beer and Four Loko. Wow. WOW.

Another loser posing as a healer when he is simply a lying sinner. Praise Jesus.

This guy is smoking some goooood ganja. Thank ya' Geezuz.

Assholes like this deserve each other. Listen to the creepyness of their little professions of love. A challenge in their marriage? Bitch, the guy was screwing another woman!

Doing laundry in the love of God? What are you smoking?! The thing that is a word that is a thing coming from the word that releases the thing. WHAT? Drinking Draino and living under power lines.

This man is so afraid of homosexuality and lesbianism he makes up some ridiculous shit as proof of his claims. Then he 'amens' himself and asks how dumb can you get. Apparently for him...pretty damn dumb.

The next five or ten minutes? So many proponents of the Jesus bug just love to spout how the mighty divine of the universe COULD be back ANY SECOND. Ooh. Scary.

Stupid blonde asks man of God questions and he imparts wisdom. Oriental armies marching across a highway? What?

Another man of God who should never have been put in a position of power is in trouble. Loser.

There is a reason this guy's name is 'Dollar.' Mr. Dollar, you cannot take credit for a character you do not have. Another loser and another liar.

HaahahHHH!!! Hahah!! HAHAHAH!!! GOOD stuff, that Wild Turkey!

Somebody shout "DOUCHEBAG!"

Wow. WOW. Your God is SOOOOO powerful you have reason to fear fucking yoga? That is what you get for your steadfast belief in the all powerful? Eff off, you turd bucket.

Pure creepyness. Seriously. For them to be acting like drunks...bitch, they WERE drunk! Pass that communion wine around for everyone to get another sip of the blood of Christ.

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