Saturday, May 25, 2013

Religious Jokes

Doesn't it Say in the Bible that a Merry Heart is Just Like Medicine?

     Yep. Proverbs 15:13 says, "A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance; but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken." I hope you enjoy this gaggle of religious hilarity that I have put together for this blog.
     George Carlin, a truly gifted comedian. I like what he says about God always needing money because God doesn't know how to handle money. Hah!

     The first guy's facial expressions makes everything he says even funnier! The comments about religion creating war and religion being about people talking about their imaginary friend 'at length' are great. 

     I love what this guy says about evolution from a monkey making a far more compelling story.

     OUT-freakin'-STANDING!! Atheism has the power to stop wars. Prayer is trying to help by doing nothing. Atheism is to religion what hair color is to bald. ALL excellent statements.

     Excellent!! Listen to what he says about the argument between God and the Devil and the Devil being the bigger man.

     Hah! A cosmic Jewish zombie!! Haahhhaha!!

     This is so blessedly hilarious I had to watch it several times! Look at the expressions of people as they see Jesus walking on the water to get the ball! The bits with the dead mouse come back to life is priceless as well. By far my favorite is when Jesus goes fishing!

     This is simply outstanding, Penn. Please, continue to do bits like this on religion and the absurdity of religion.

     I like what Eddie says about the Bible being about Jesus, but Jesus didn't write any of it. Then the apostles all make it look like they were each the closest to Jesus. Listen to what he asks in regards to Cain and Abel getting married...where did the 'mystery bitches' come from. Sweet!!!

     Excellent! What constitutes an act of God? HERE is the answer and you'll love it!

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