Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Pot and the Kettle

Kiss My Ass

     I write loads of screwy stuff when it comes to religion. While doing this I make regular and heavy use of foul language (shit, fuck, damn... etc), badger and pick at those representatives of religion (especially televangelists) who are nothing more than charlatans hiding in the tapestry of delusions in faith, and often take what is in the Holy Bible and purposely twist that shit until those who live by such scream or even threaten me. Whatever, right?

     If Christians don't like what I write I could care less. Every now and then some kind hearted Christian sends me a request to die saying I deserve nothing but death and damnation for not only the things I say but also for my re-write of the New Testament. I must say that re-writing that silly book (I called mine The Tenement Gospel) was quite cathartic and deliciously fun. I have each of the four gospels ending differently and each one is loaded with drug use, screwy behavior by Jesus and the disciples and more.

     Those who loudly tout that Jesus and the Bible and Christianity (or any other religion for that matter) are the answer to all of man's ill are blinded by the supposed power that they are constantly being told that their faith gives them. With this delusion of power many Christians feel the urge to inform the rest of the heathen world that they will burn in hell for various offenses, namely refusing to believe in God and the Bible. These people will harass and prod and poke anyone they feel stands in the way of their powerful God and their powerful religion.

    They do not realize they stand on a two way street, and contrary to their belief of heaven being at one end of the street and hell being at the other it is instead living in fear at one end and living free of the fetters of stupidity at the other. Many Christians and representatives of Christianity shred anything or anyone different from themselves but cannot take the same being done to them. The moment the tables are turned and an atheist or anyone else speaks out against Christianity and the Bible legions of believers jump on soap boxes and claim their rights are being abridged. Fuck that. If Christians and Christianity as a whole cannot take what they dish then they best shut the fuck up.

     Maybe some people would rather tune out Christianity and its slaves and leave it at that. I think that is perfectly okay. But then you have people like me who get so goddamn irritated at the self-righteous judgments that we just have to say something...and we usually don't hold back. I know I don't. 

     The Christians say that their right to practice freedom of religion is being imposed upon. Well isn't that the pot calling the kettle black? Christianity is what imposes on MY rights and MY right to NOT choose a religion or hateful God if I so choose. I have a freedom FROM religion just as they have a freedom TO religion.

     Christians continue to misinterpret the freedom of religion for the right to subdue other facets of society and culture with prejudiced religious practices that have no place in a free society. By saying that I mean that it is perfectly fine for them to practice the religion of their little deluded Bible, but not fine to apply such bullshit to the people and society around them who do not wish to participate.

     I am tired of listening to the absurd interpretations of the Holy Bible and the supposed claims of who God would and would not love according to what or how or who an individual loves, how everything happening in the world is a sign of the End Times, how this person or that person is sure to be the Anti-Christ. I am tired of their shit, so you know what? I am dishing out to them a little of what they dish out to those who have no desire to be led by the spiritual nose.

     The Bible and Christianity is rife with stupid stories and claims and assertions that make no fucking sense, and when you point that out it is always chalked up to the 'mysterious ways' of God. Whatever. If Christianity and its participants want to dish out their poisonous spiritual wares on mankind, fine. I will tell them now if they don't already know...I am going to dish that shit right back at them as fast as I can in SPADES. 

     You don't like what I write about God and Jesus? Kiss my ass. You don't like my assertion that the Bible is a fucking fairy tale? Kiss my ass. You don't like the lunatic re-write of the New Testament called 'The Tenement Gospel?' Kiss my ass. You don't like atheists or anyone else standing up and shouting to the world that Christianity and religion in general is the greatest disease man has ever known? Kiss my ass.

     On behalf of all the atheists and others who refuse to be devoured by the hate and ludicrous nature of the Holy Bible and all religions spawned from such and all religions that are similar...kiss our asses.

     If you want to dish out what your pansy religion says to dish out on everyone else NOW would be a good time to realize you too are on a receiving end.

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