Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Servants of Satan: Part Two

OoooooooOOO!! More evil minions of Satan!

That is right, folks. The big and dangerous evil deity known the world over as Satan is utilizing the mega rich of the world to take over the world. Never mind that a much better plan would be to use the rest of the world (billions upon billions of people) to take over. There would definitely be power in those kinds of numbers, right?

Yikes. Satan is in on the papacy as well? Damn it. He just cannot seem to keep his grubby little hooves out of anything, can he? Geeze, you would think the guy who created him, this God fellow, could do just a little bit more to control him instead of simply saying, "It is all part of my master plan," and letting it continue and allowing people to be persistently fucked over by these many agents of Satan.

Holy shit! This is hilarious!!! Some immensely retarded person thinks this is some kind of evil spiritual battle? DUDE!!! There is help available...SEEK IT.

Holy poop! This guy is asserting that the apostle Paul was an agent of Satan! How is that for religious delusion, right? Sure, why not use one of the faith's founders and lead contributor's to lasting dogma as an outlet for the fear that runs rampant in a faith that is supposed to be all about love?

Hahaaaha!!! Kanye West is evil and an agent of Satan? Say what? Haah!! You fucking losers. And you wonder why people laugh at you and your retarded claims. Maybe if you tried a little harder to sound at least a little more credible?

Sooo...Miley Cyrus is in on the evil? Please. Please. Miley Cyrus is nothing more than a tramp and a trollop who is hellbent on grabbing as much attention as possible from anyone with her stupid behavior and scripted drama. Do you really think Satan would use someone so ever-loving retarded and ridiculous and irritating? Seriously. The only thing worse than Miley is her daddy's hairdo from that stupid video for that abominable Achey-Breaky Heart song.

Of course you knew someone would accuse Joyce Meyers of being in league with el diablo, right?

That's right...accusing Joel Osteen of being a paganist whatever is going to help you spread the love of Jesus, right? Oh-oh, SOMEBODY sounds a little jealous of Osteen and seems to find solace in accusing Osteen of interesting things. Seems to me like Osteen is at least spreading more happiness and love from his pulpit WHETHER OR NOT YOU AGREE WITH HIM.

I am not a fan of Joyce Meyers, but I have serious doubts as to whether or not her mega-spending has jack shit to do with her being a false prophet, evil agent of Satan, right? The people following her are stupid enough to give her their goddamn money, so...fuck 'em and their stupid complaints. Maybe it is a case of false believers much more than a case of false preacher? Who knows, right? The religiously deluded would never wish to admit such.

Hummm...more religious mug shots of those who are supposedly preaching the gospel of Jesus on behalf of Satan. Yep. I know how that sounds.

There must be a lot of people out there who are jealous of Oprah since there is no shortage of people who claim this woman is a representative of Satan.

Sooo...that ditz of all ditz, Nikki what's-her-ugly-mug, is a witch for Satan who killed Whitney Houston as some kind of sacrifice? You people are fucked in the head.

Who cares. WHO CARES. There are plenty of people who would pay to stand in line to accuse someone of being an agent of Satan. These folks are no damn different. Who cares what Lady Gaga does or looks like or what crazy-ass pictures she takes/makes? You people know goddamn well it is entertainment but are SOOOOO eager to use it to try to prove your goddamn stupid claims. Losers.

Servants of Satan: Part One

These are servants of Satan?

Apparently there are a lot of people out there in the world who think there are many, many servants of Satan lurking around every religious corner, just waiting with fangs dripping evil intentions and quivering with the desire to utterly devour every Christian they come across. Whatever, man. Check out these folks who have been labeled as servants of Satan.

Okay, sooo...I don't like this John Hagee guy either. I think he is a pompous idiot prone to delusional religious outbursts. BUT...a servant of Satan? Seriously? And what is this poo-poo about all of the numbers he mentioned equaling eleven? WTF? Then the narrator of this film says that Hagee participates in Satanic ritual. Hah! You are crazy.

Oh, look! Preachers preaching against preachers. Playing a deluded game of point and accuse of being the devil or being in league with the devil. What do you think Jesus would say about this? Plus...this guy is extremely generous and liberal with his interpretations of what Hagee has said. Lovely. And he keeps saying he has proof this and proof that. Well, then show this proof. Don't just talk about it. And when you are done tearing each other apart maybe you will go and remember what the hell message it is that you are supposed to be preaching to people...and it isn't to preach against another preacher, you twat. 

Why do these people care about the supposed all-seeing eye of Satan? Don't they remember that the God of the Holy Bible is supposed to be all-powerful, so who gives a shit what this Satan fellow can see and what the hell he does with whatever it is he sees? You people swear to have so much power from this mega-one and only God but you are afraid of so much. You have serious issues.

What do we have here but well known people showing the hand signs of Satan. Really? Really? Of course there would be some person out there who would make a video about the perils of Satan and who would use the freaking music from the Halloween movies for added effect. I bet they thought they were being fairly original in their approach, too. Be sure to read the part in this video where Helen Keller is theorized to have invented the 'I-love-you' sign language symbol to resemble the symbol for Satan. SOOOOOOOO goddamn stupid it makes me want to scream.

This is great! These preachers are all douchebags. I like the opening sequence where Benny Hinn, of all people, makes the comment that you will know who people are by the fruits of their labors and by their character and way of life. Good stuff! Preachers preaching for money and not Jesus. Wonderful.

Wow! Good thing we have these videos to show us all who the servants of Satan are, right?

Oh, yes! HERE are the servants of Satan, right? The preachers who convince their precious little sheep to empty their wallets in order to please Jesus are some of the slimiest fucktards to walk this planet. Total losers.

Here are Satan's alleged minions Paula and Randy White. Sooo...are these Jesus-preaching servants of Satan ALL blessed with the silvery-slick tongues that have the amazing ability to bilk people out of so much money?

Dude, all of these famous preachers worship Satan? Who do you then trust to give you the supposed word of God as it was meant to be preached? How do you know whether or not the people telling you that these preachers are worshiping Satan are not the ones who actually worship Satan? What of they ALL worship Satan? Wait...if Satan is not real (and I more than just suspect he is not) who the fuck are these people worshiping?

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Afraid of Satan's Power

Why are some Christian people seriously afraid of this stuff?

Look, if you truly love God and consider yourself one of His children why would you ever worry about any of these things? Don't you read your Bible? You have the mightiest God EVER, right? So why in the heck do some believers worry about this crazy mofo, Satan? He can't hurt you if the God you follow is the most powerful.

But it is almost as if some people really need this fantasy of Satan persistently trying to foil God and all believers in order for their own faith to survive. They need something tangible, even if it is entirely fucked and totally loopy, something to give their spiritual delusions some kind of weight. And with stories of how Satan is lurking behind every river bend, well, plenty of believers busy themselves trying to save the imaginary from the imaginary with the imaginary. Nice.

Now let us take a look at some of the poor lambs of this world who are for whatever reason engulfed by the Satan Delusion.

Do you suppose this fellow speaking in this video realizes he is using MOVIES as examples and proofs of his demonic/Satan bullshit?

Dude, you are totally high, aren't you? You should'a smoked the rest of that doobie before doing your delusional video. By the way, there have always been screwy things in the world. There has always been good and bad and everything in between. There is nothing new under the sun. Same old religious crap with the name of a different deity. Seriously. Go take a peek in a history book. Two thousand years ago there were plenty of people who sounded just as screwy as you do today.

Do you suppose the Middle Eastern music is supposed to lend some kind of emotional credibility to this ridiculous video? If you allow a doubt? Aren't your fears about Satan doubts? And why in the fuckey-doo would it matter if you doubted anyway when God is supposed to know you are a freaking human being and supposedly all humans fall short of the glory of God (Sooo...aren't you kinda fucked from the very beginning?) and it is Jesus who is supposed to take care of all of that for ya?

What is this horseshit? You know, if any other religious group tried to do what these fuck-tards are doing they would be labeled as Satanists, right? This is so goddamn stupid. Showing up at mortuaries to try to raise the dead? Seriously, get a group of Wiccans to try to do that and the Christian community will explode with charges of Satanism.

That's right. Satan is also responsible for depression and emotional/mental disturbances. How do we know this? Because it is Satan's plan and goal to do everything he can to keep people from God. Sooo...this supernatural being, Satan, so desperately wants to keep people from God that instead of simply blowing up the world he chooses to...afflict people with depression? Losers.

Sooo...if what this video relays is true why are people so friggin worried about Satan? Would his offering of fake power prove him a fraud and thus not worthy of the time given to fuss over him?

It is ALL FAKE. ALL. What does it matter what symbol you use when the deity you speak of is not goddamn real? There is no Satan purposely trying to muddle religions of great faith with pagan symbols.

Riiiiggghhhtt. ENTIRE nations have been fooled by Satan in an effort to get people to turn away from God? Are you feeling alright? Listen to what you are saying. You are saying these Satan-influenced people have no power but that YOU have power. Sooo...your beliefs and religion and whatever are fine and real and true...but cannot stop what is false? Tell me again how this works, but this time make sense and do not use any of the magical crap stories you like to use.

Satan is not a musician. In fact, he isn't real. You people SEEK OUT things to demonize and turn into some kind of threat. Why? Is trying to prove your non-existent divine pal THAT important that you have to seek out the joys of others and do everything you can to inject cynicism and supposed evilness? You are fucked in the head.

HAHAHAAAAHAAA!!!!!!!! Who made up this version of Satan? Hilarious! You people are afraid of myths and fairy tales, you ninnies!! The weather is the friggin' weather.  A storm is a storm and has nothing to do with God or Satan or any other gods. So a guy gave a religious speech...big goddamn deal. People give them all the time. You don't really think that validates religion do you? Satan is into television production in an effort to take people away from God? Family Guy is Satanic? Hah!! The only thing that is mind blowing here is your level of delusion.

This is really interesting. Christianity is the Satanic influence and not what Christianity is claiming to be Satanic. Interesting.

That's right. Be careful how you stretch, rest, and exercise. Satan will use these things against you too.

This guy says this is very spooky stuff. What fucking ever, man. Satan is out to get you according to this guy, and Satan has apparently infiltrated the Catholic Church.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Biblical Incest Explained

What do Christians have to say about the incest in the Bible?

Okay, so, I have always wanted to put this particular posting together that shows video clips of what some Christians think when it comes to the incest in the Bible. I have also included comments from non-Christians as well. I hope you have been just as curious as to what people will say. Let us take a look...

Sooo...according to this fellow Adam and Eve were not the only people in the Bible and so when Cain was banished and went and found a wife it was NOT his sister. Hummm.

Sooo...we SHOULDN'T judge Adam and Eve's kids sleeping with each other because our culture is different from their culture. Oh, and God did not outlaw incest until way later. Hah!

Oh my goodness this woman is hilarious!!! Outstanding! I hope she makes more videos.

I love what this guy says about the bible being "open minded" with all of the incest going on and Jesus being everyone's brother and why people call each other 'brother' and 'sister' in church. Gives new meaning to the circle of life, right?

Holy shit! Listen to the validation of incest that this nutty Christian gives. So fucked up! That's right, sin came in and screwed everything up. know it took a while for the bad genetic consequences of the sin of incest to catch up. Say what? Is this part of God's planning?

This woman makes a good point of the writers of the Bible trying to ink in a loophole for incest.

Haahahahah!!!! Good stuff! Follow the Bible by NOT following the Bible when it comes to incest.

The Bible IS full of incest and it IS wrong to marry your brother or sister, you twit. This young man seems very sincere, but he is also totally fucked in his reasoning in defense of incest in the Bible. Poor kid. Hopefully he will grow a brain someday. He keeps mentioning when the law against incest was given. Say, do you think that it was okay to kill people until the law said it was wrong?

Dear me, this fellow is on crack.

Oh look! Another loser preacher defending incest in the Bible. Are you surprised? Sooo...Cain and Abel were closer genetically than twins? The negative mutations had not begun? Why was sin so slow in catching up with the gene pool? 

Ahhh, I see. Since God did not tell man until way after Adam and Eve that incest was wrong...well, it wasn't wrong? But...what about doing it with your freaking sibling? Or what about Lot and his daughters? What the fuck is wrong with Christianity? Aren't they the guilty casting the first stones?

Dear dear dear! All of these folks say the same goddamn thing overall. They have nothing else to explain this shit away so they do what they can to meld this whole incest thing into the 'plan' that this great God of theirs supposedly has for man. Lovely.

Neither God nor the Bible can make a decision on incest, right? And how is this possible if God is supposed to always be the same...yesterday, today, forever and all of that happy horseshit. Can't happen, can it? If incest was okay back then with God it should be okay now if God never changes, right? His word NEVER fades like the flowers...sooo...if Cain could screw his sister, hell, so could you, right?

This guy is great! I love his "EEWWWWWW!!!" approach. Totally awesome! He is right about Cain having to marry his sister or his mother. I am betting it was his sister since Cain was banished and then got married and Eve stayed with Adam and popped out more kids.

You gotta listen to the part of this video where the guy reads the story of Lot and his daughters from the Bible in a redneck voice. Totally priceless!!

The God Gap

Try the newest book that questions the Pentateuch:

Who is missing what?

Have you ever heard of the God of the Gaps Theory? Doesn't the very name of this theory make you want to find out more, to find out why any person would put the words 'God' and 'gap' together in an attempt to explain anything? I mean, if God Himself is supposed to be Mr. Everything, then why in the world would there be any gaps whatsoever? If you know God you would know all the whys, correct? You would not be left standing with a big bag of I-still-don't-know-the-answers-to-my-questions.

How so many people came to believe that saying that "God did it" is any kind of answer is truly an enigma. Such an answer offers zero closure, zero reasoning, zero foundation for any kind of straight thinking or study. Yet this big accumulation of 'zero' thinking is somehow gathered together in a giant mass and regularly thrown at Atheists or anyone else who does not believe as many Christians do.

Where is the wisdom in taking something you do not understand and assigning it to something of which you have an even greater lack of understanding?  How is this done? How does this work out? Explain this, Christians, because I want to know how this works. If you do not understand how the universe began and at the same time say, "But I know that God did it. He can do anything," don't you see the folly of what you are saying? Don't you see you still have no goddamn answers to anything, no more understanding than the last person?

Ask a Christian who claims to know God about God. Ask them where God came from? How did God create the stars? How did  God come to create DNA and all the related genetics subjects/issues? How did God create the human eye, the human brain, the genome, or any other miracle of life for that matter in ANY species? How did God do these things? 

They don't know how God did anything, do they? In fact, they don't even know if God is REALLY there because they have not seen Him or heard Him or anything else. EVER. What they have done is gathered together a bunch of information on things they do not understand (like how all of the species on the earth came to be) and things that are so marvelous people are constantly trying to understand (like the human genome), and they take this lack of understanding of how these things came to be and why, this massive lack of information, and deduce that it is proof for this super invisible being God, that it must be proof of God's handiwork (or at least the calling card of God).

How does this kind of thinking get you any closer to the truth of anything? What have Creationists proved by taking God (of Whom they have ZERO proof) and using this imaginary proof to disprove anything that science has either already proven or is currently trying to prove/study? How do you justifiably use something without substance to try to explain something you do not understand?

Who knows why people claim these things? Maybe it is a fear of finding out what really did happen, how everything really did come to be (doesn't science already provide much of that?). Regardless of what the answers/answers to that are let us take a peek at some of the stuff that is attributed to this God of the Gaps, and also look at some of the objections to such claims.

This guy says that the Atheist objection to the God of the Gaps theory does not follow since it does not follow that just because we do not know how it happened that does not mean that God didn't do it. Seriously?

This gentleman is trying hard to nominate the God of the Gaps theory for the truth but it is not going to work. Look...God Himself is unexplained. You cannot use the unexplained to explain the misunderstood or the unknown. That just does not compute.

Perhaps the need for God is the need for an explanation, right? Sooo...what happens as more and more is explained? Does God become the incredible shrinking divine being?

That is right, whenever something about God doesn't work out it must have been a misinterpretation. I suppose some religious folk feel pretty safe in that argument.

You just gotta love Kirk Cameron and his hilariously wacko assertions. Please look up more of HIS own Youtube stuff, or videos of his stuff. Excellent giggle material.

If God could be proved...IF God could be proved. Geeze, that says a lot, doesn't it? Look at the God of the Gaps argument a think about how you prove God did anything if you cannot even prove God. Really and truly think about that. And DON'T give the faith bullshit answer.

This man asserts that the science we do understand is evidence of God. You are kidding me, right? Because the humans on this planet can study science that in and of itself is good proof for God? Are you daft? I do appreciate how this man does describe and explain his position, though. He is non-argumentative and simply presents what he think/believes without bashing Atheists. He explains many really interesting lines of thinking when it comes to this subject. Very well done. I still don't buy the God of the Gaps theory, but this guy did a really good job on this video.

Wow. Wow.

Is it really so hard and so traumatic for people to think there is no God responsible for everything?

Monday, December 2, 2013

And some believers in Creation wonder why people scoff at them?

Try the newest book that questions the Pentateuch:

Pay Attention to WHAT You are Saying and HOW You are Saying it

Not too long ago I was watching a video on Youtube that showcased various opinions of those who believe in Creation and what they thought of those who do not believe in Creation. They seemed to be absolutely puzzled, some even genuinely confused as to why non-believers often react to Creationist claims with laughter, disdain, disregard, and sometimes anger. So, I decided to put together a few of the video links that just may help a few believers to understand what it is that irks the non-believers off so very much when it comes to discussions of the Creation.

Creationists want to know why people laugh at them? Fine. Here it is in a nutshell: Do you people ever listen to half of the shit you say? Do you even pay attention to half of the things you are claiming to be truth or science? Do you bother to research your claims? Do you bother to research many of the things non-believers say before you decide to take a statement or handful of words and twist them into new and unintended meanings? Do you fully investigate the various areas of science that you seemingly love to misinterpret on command? Do you even know what evolution is, because it has nothing to do with some of what you are claiming.

Take a peek at these videos. Pay attention to how these folks sound. Do YOU sound like this when you are plugging your version of how everything came to exist?

I think my favorite argument here is #2. You can't prove evolution but you can prove a giant, all-powerful invisible friend poofed everything into existence? And just WHERE did this information come from? Oh...old religious texts written by folks with an amazing array of superstitions and misconceptions and seriously jacked-up beliefs?

Hah! This is good stuff, a very interesting and entertaining way to present the idiocy of much of the Creationists argument.

Oh, look! When you can't answer the question what do some Creationists do? Well...they DON'T answer the question and go way the fuck off on tangents. Talking goddamn cats?

I have heard this argument before. Hilariously, deliciously funny to actually hear in person. Maybe this fellow ought to study up on why comets and meteors are shaped the way they are before he goes and makes a complete ass of himself as he tries very hard to prove the imaginary really does exist.

Do many Creationists love to twist facts or what? The guy in the beginning makes it sound like scientists are stumbling over each other in a rush to deny the plausibility of Evolution. Then you get to see the REAL numbers of what he is claiming. So interesting.

I really like what this video has to say about population projections and how the numbers just are not possible when it comes to the Bible's version of events. The biblical arguments just do not follow through and establish any kind of valid foundation when it comes to how the earth was populated.

In this video my favorite argument is #1, the God of the Gaps argument. So ridiculous, right? If you cannot explain it it MUST then be attributed to God. Yikes. Is that your honest line of thinking you are presenting as valid reasoning process? Oh, and what this video has to say about God and morality is just as excellent.

Get a grip. Science is not faith. No no no. Never was and never will be.

Oh dear Jesus. Hovind is the epitome of the willfully ignorant, willfully idiotic, willfully dishonest and willfully misinterpreting Christian. Sir, you and people like you do your faith/religion a great disservice every time you open your mouth to make bizarre claims.

Don't you just LOVE Christian misinformation in the process of purposeful misinterpretation? Do you like the part of what this Christian fellow left out about what Darwin thought about his own theory?