Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The God Gap

Try the newest book that questions the Pentateuch:

Who is missing what?

Have you ever heard of the God of the Gaps Theory? Doesn't the very name of this theory make you want to find out more, to find out why any person would put the words 'God' and 'gap' together in an attempt to explain anything? I mean, if God Himself is supposed to be Mr. Everything, then why in the world would there be any gaps whatsoever? If you know God you would know all the whys, correct? You would not be left standing with a big bag of I-still-don't-know-the-answers-to-my-questions.

How so many people came to believe that saying that "God did it" is any kind of answer is truly an enigma. Such an answer offers zero closure, zero reasoning, zero foundation for any kind of straight thinking or study. Yet this big accumulation of 'zero' thinking is somehow gathered together in a giant mass and regularly thrown at Atheists or anyone else who does not believe as many Christians do.

Where is the wisdom in taking something you do not understand and assigning it to something of which you have an even greater lack of understanding?  How is this done? How does this work out? Explain this, Christians, because I want to know how this works. If you do not understand how the universe began and at the same time say, "But I know that God did it. He can do anything," don't you see the folly of what you are saying? Don't you see you still have no goddamn answers to anything, no more understanding than the last person?

Ask a Christian who claims to know God about God. Ask them where God came from? How did God create the stars? How did  God come to create DNA and all the related genetics subjects/issues? How did God create the human eye, the human brain, the genome, or any other miracle of life for that matter in ANY species? How did God do these things? 

They don't know how God did anything, do they? In fact, they don't even know if God is REALLY there because they have not seen Him or heard Him or anything else. EVER. What they have done is gathered together a bunch of information on things they do not understand (like how all of the species on the earth came to be) and things that are so marvelous people are constantly trying to understand (like the human genome), and they take this lack of understanding of how these things came to be and why, this massive lack of information, and deduce that it is proof for this super invisible being God, that it must be proof of God's handiwork (or at least the calling card of God).

How does this kind of thinking get you any closer to the truth of anything? What have Creationists proved by taking God (of Whom they have ZERO proof) and using this imaginary proof to disprove anything that science has either already proven or is currently trying to prove/study? How do you justifiably use something without substance to try to explain something you do not understand?

Who knows why people claim these things? Maybe it is a fear of finding out what really did happen, how everything really did come to be (doesn't science already provide much of that?). Regardless of what the answers/answers to that are let us take a peek at some of the stuff that is attributed to this God of the Gaps, and also look at some of the objections to such claims.

This guy says that the Atheist objection to the God of the Gaps theory does not follow since it does not follow that just because we do not know how it happened that does not mean that God didn't do it. Seriously?

This gentleman is trying hard to nominate the God of the Gaps theory for the truth but it is not going to work. Look...God Himself is unexplained. You cannot use the unexplained to explain the misunderstood or the unknown. That just does not compute.

Perhaps the need for God is the need for an explanation, right? Sooo...what happens as more and more is explained? Does God become the incredible shrinking divine being?

That is right, whenever something about God doesn't work out it must have been a misinterpretation. I suppose some religious folk feel pretty safe in that argument.

You just gotta love Kirk Cameron and his hilariously wacko assertions. Please look up more of HIS own Youtube stuff, or videos of his stuff. Excellent giggle material.

If God could be proved...IF God could be proved. Geeze, that says a lot, doesn't it? Look at the God of the Gaps argument a think about how you prove God did anything if you cannot even prove God. Really and truly think about that. And DON'T give the faith bullshit answer.

This man asserts that the science we do understand is evidence of God. You are kidding me, right? Because the humans on this planet can study science that in and of itself is good proof for God? Are you daft? I do appreciate how this man does describe and explain his position, though. He is non-argumentative and simply presents what he think/believes without bashing Atheists. He explains many really interesting lines of thinking when it comes to this subject. Very well done. I still don't buy the God of the Gaps theory, but this guy did a really good job on this video.

Wow. Wow.

Is it really so hard and so traumatic for people to think there is no God responsible for everything?

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