Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Servants of Satan: Part Two

OoooooooOOO!! More evil minions of Satan!

That is right, folks. The big and dangerous evil deity known the world over as Satan is utilizing the mega rich of the world to take over the world. Never mind that a much better plan would be to use the rest of the world (billions upon billions of people) to take over. There would definitely be power in those kinds of numbers, right?

Yikes. Satan is in on the papacy as well? Damn it. He just cannot seem to keep his grubby little hooves out of anything, can he? Geeze, you would think the guy who created him, this God fellow, could do just a little bit more to control him instead of simply saying, "It is all part of my master plan," and letting it continue and allowing people to be persistently fucked over by these many agents of Satan.

Holy shit! This is hilarious!!! Some immensely retarded person thinks this is some kind of evil spiritual battle? DUDE!!! There is help available...SEEK IT.

Holy poop! This guy is asserting that the apostle Paul was an agent of Satan! How is that for religious delusion, right? Sure, why not use one of the faith's founders and lead contributor's to lasting dogma as an outlet for the fear that runs rampant in a faith that is supposed to be all about love?

Hahaaaha!!! Kanye West is evil and an agent of Satan? Say what? Haah!! You fucking losers. And you wonder why people laugh at you and your retarded claims. Maybe if you tried a little harder to sound at least a little more credible?

Sooo...Miley Cyrus is in on the evil? Please. Please. Miley Cyrus is nothing more than a tramp and a trollop who is hellbent on grabbing as much attention as possible from anyone with her stupid behavior and scripted drama. Do you really think Satan would use someone so ever-loving retarded and ridiculous and irritating? Seriously. The only thing worse than Miley is her daddy's hairdo from that stupid video for that abominable Achey-Breaky Heart song.

Of course you knew someone would accuse Joyce Meyers of being in league with el diablo, right?

That's right...accusing Joel Osteen of being a paganist whatever is going to help you spread the love of Jesus, right? Oh-oh, SOMEBODY sounds a little jealous of Osteen and seems to find solace in accusing Osteen of interesting things. Seems to me like Osteen is at least spreading more happiness and love from his pulpit WHETHER OR NOT YOU AGREE WITH HIM.

I am not a fan of Joyce Meyers, but I have serious doubts as to whether or not her mega-spending has jack shit to do with her being a false prophet, evil agent of Satan, right? The people following her are stupid enough to give her their goddamn money, so...fuck 'em and their stupid complaints. Maybe it is a case of false believers much more than a case of false preacher? Who knows, right? The religiously deluded would never wish to admit such.

Hummm...more religious mug shots of those who are supposedly preaching the gospel of Jesus on behalf of Satan. Yep. I know how that sounds.

There must be a lot of people out there who are jealous of Oprah since there is no shortage of people who claim this woman is a representative of Satan.

Sooo...that ditz of all ditz, Nikki what's-her-ugly-mug, is a witch for Satan who killed Whitney Houston as some kind of sacrifice? You people are fucked in the head.

Who cares. WHO CARES. There are plenty of people who would pay to stand in line to accuse someone of being an agent of Satan. These folks are no damn different. Who cares what Lady Gaga does or looks like or what crazy-ass pictures she takes/makes? You people know goddamn well it is entertainment but are SOOOOO eager to use it to try to prove your goddamn stupid claims. Losers.

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