Sunday, December 15, 2013

Afraid of Satan's Power

Why are some Christian people seriously afraid of this stuff?

Look, if you truly love God and consider yourself one of His children why would you ever worry about any of these things? Don't you read your Bible? You have the mightiest God EVER, right? So why in the heck do some believers worry about this crazy mofo, Satan? He can't hurt you if the God you follow is the most powerful.

But it is almost as if some people really need this fantasy of Satan persistently trying to foil God and all believers in order for their own faith to survive. They need something tangible, even if it is entirely fucked and totally loopy, something to give their spiritual delusions some kind of weight. And with stories of how Satan is lurking behind every river bend, well, plenty of believers busy themselves trying to save the imaginary from the imaginary with the imaginary. Nice.

Now let us take a look at some of the poor lambs of this world who are for whatever reason engulfed by the Satan Delusion.

Do you suppose this fellow speaking in this video realizes he is using MOVIES as examples and proofs of his demonic/Satan bullshit?

Dude, you are totally high, aren't you? You should'a smoked the rest of that doobie before doing your delusional video. By the way, there have always been screwy things in the world. There has always been good and bad and everything in between. There is nothing new under the sun. Same old religious crap with the name of a different deity. Seriously. Go take a peek in a history book. Two thousand years ago there were plenty of people who sounded just as screwy as you do today.

Do you suppose the Middle Eastern music is supposed to lend some kind of emotional credibility to this ridiculous video? If you allow a doubt? Aren't your fears about Satan doubts? And why in the fuckey-doo would it matter if you doubted anyway when God is supposed to know you are a freaking human being and supposedly all humans fall short of the glory of God (Sooo...aren't you kinda fucked from the very beginning?) and it is Jesus who is supposed to take care of all of that for ya?

What is this horseshit? You know, if any other religious group tried to do what these fuck-tards are doing they would be labeled as Satanists, right? This is so goddamn stupid. Showing up at mortuaries to try to raise the dead? Seriously, get a group of Wiccans to try to do that and the Christian community will explode with charges of Satanism.

That's right. Satan is also responsible for depression and emotional/mental disturbances. How do we know this? Because it is Satan's plan and goal to do everything he can to keep people from God. Sooo...this supernatural being, Satan, so desperately wants to keep people from God that instead of simply blowing up the world he chooses to...afflict people with depression? Losers.

Sooo...if what this video relays is true why are people so friggin worried about Satan? Would his offering of fake power prove him a fraud and thus not worthy of the time given to fuss over him?

It is ALL FAKE. ALL. What does it matter what symbol you use when the deity you speak of is not goddamn real? There is no Satan purposely trying to muddle religions of great faith with pagan symbols.

Riiiiggghhhtt. ENTIRE nations have been fooled by Satan in an effort to get people to turn away from God? Are you feeling alright? Listen to what you are saying. You are saying these Satan-influenced people have no power but that YOU have power. Sooo...your beliefs and religion and whatever are fine and real and true...but cannot stop what is false? Tell me again how this works, but this time make sense and do not use any of the magical crap stories you like to use.

Satan is not a musician. In fact, he isn't real. You people SEEK OUT things to demonize and turn into some kind of threat. Why? Is trying to prove your non-existent divine pal THAT important that you have to seek out the joys of others and do everything you can to inject cynicism and supposed evilness? You are fucked in the head.

HAHAHAAAAHAAA!!!!!!!! Who made up this version of Satan? Hilarious! You people are afraid of myths and fairy tales, you ninnies!! The weather is the friggin' weather.  A storm is a storm and has nothing to do with God or Satan or any other gods. So a guy gave a religious speech...big goddamn deal. People give them all the time. You don't really think that validates religion do you? Satan is into television production in an effort to take people away from God? Family Guy is Satanic? Hah!! The only thing that is mind blowing here is your level of delusion.

This is really interesting. Christianity is the Satanic influence and not what Christianity is claiming to be Satanic. Interesting.

That's right. Be careful how you stretch, rest, and exercise. Satan will use these things against you too.

This guy says this is very spooky stuff. What fucking ever, man. Satan is out to get you according to this guy, and Satan has apparently infiltrated the Catholic Church.

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