Monday, December 2, 2013

And some believers in Creation wonder why people scoff at them?

Try the newest book that questions the Pentateuch:

Pay Attention to WHAT You are Saying and HOW You are Saying it

Not too long ago I was watching a video on Youtube that showcased various opinions of those who believe in Creation and what they thought of those who do not believe in Creation. They seemed to be absolutely puzzled, some even genuinely confused as to why non-believers often react to Creationist claims with laughter, disdain, disregard, and sometimes anger. So, I decided to put together a few of the video links that just may help a few believers to understand what it is that irks the non-believers off so very much when it comes to discussions of the Creation.

Creationists want to know why people laugh at them? Fine. Here it is in a nutshell: Do you people ever listen to half of the shit you say? Do you even pay attention to half of the things you are claiming to be truth or science? Do you bother to research your claims? Do you bother to research many of the things non-believers say before you decide to take a statement or handful of words and twist them into new and unintended meanings? Do you fully investigate the various areas of science that you seemingly love to misinterpret on command? Do you even know what evolution is, because it has nothing to do with some of what you are claiming.

Take a peek at these videos. Pay attention to how these folks sound. Do YOU sound like this when you are plugging your version of how everything came to exist?

I think my favorite argument here is #2. You can't prove evolution but you can prove a giant, all-powerful invisible friend poofed everything into existence? And just WHERE did this information come from? Oh...old religious texts written by folks with an amazing array of superstitions and misconceptions and seriously jacked-up beliefs?

Hah! This is good stuff, a very interesting and entertaining way to present the idiocy of much of the Creationists argument.

Oh, look! When you can't answer the question what do some Creationists do? Well...they DON'T answer the question and go way the fuck off on tangents. Talking goddamn cats?

I have heard this argument before. Hilariously, deliciously funny to actually hear in person. Maybe this fellow ought to study up on why comets and meteors are shaped the way they are before he goes and makes a complete ass of himself as he tries very hard to prove the imaginary really does exist.

Do many Creationists love to twist facts or what? The guy in the beginning makes it sound like scientists are stumbling over each other in a rush to deny the plausibility of Evolution. Then you get to see the REAL numbers of what he is claiming. So interesting.

I really like what this video has to say about population projections and how the numbers just are not possible when it comes to the Bible's version of events. The biblical arguments just do not follow through and establish any kind of valid foundation when it comes to how the earth was populated.

In this video my favorite argument is #1, the God of the Gaps argument. So ridiculous, right? If you cannot explain it it MUST then be attributed to God. Yikes. Is that your honest line of thinking you are presenting as valid reasoning process? Oh, and what this video has to say about God and morality is just as excellent.

Get a grip. Science is not faith. No no no. Never was and never will be.

Oh dear Jesus. Hovind is the epitome of the willfully ignorant, willfully idiotic, willfully dishonest and willfully misinterpreting Christian. Sir, you and people like you do your faith/religion a great disservice every time you open your mouth to make bizarre claims.

Don't you just LOVE Christian misinformation in the process of purposeful misinterpretation? Do you like the part of what this Christian fellow left out about what Darwin thought about his own theory?

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