Friday, June 14, 2013

Religious Spoofs and Goofs

Try the newest book that questions the Pentateuch:
Read Ester Lighthorse's newest book today!!

These are GREAT!!

One of these days Benny Hinn is going to shove or push or poke or prod the wrong person and get his ass sued for all the tea in China. Until then, enjoy watching people falling to the floor as they believe (either for fake or for real) that Mr. Hinn is truly releasing the power of God upon them.

Good stuff! What is wrong with this guy? You know what else? This is a great example of how Christians are NOT persecuted in the United States because if they were (as so many of the religiously steeped claim) the government or some watchdog group or other would shut this thieving freak down for good. But, nooo. No one shuts down Benny Hinn or any of the other fake preachers because this is their religious freedom and the religious freedom of those who so gullibly follow these kinds of nuts.

Hah! Good times! Don't you just love how so many of the things that Christians complain about being evil in the world today are right there in their own Bible? Sex, rape, murder, mayhem...all there. Uhm-humm. Oh, and remember that God loves you.

HHaaahaaa!!! Lower gas prices, more space, less smog, free clothing and housing for the poor, more education, more money, social improvements...this is freaking great!!

Dear Lord...people just have to keep beating the Tim Tebow horse. Hopefully he does better with the Patriots than he did with the Jets and Broncos. I don't think there is any problem with him or anyone else being Christian...but I do think that commentators give it wayyy too much press. Who freaking cares? They act like football fans have never seen a religious quarterback before. And trying to make this young man some kind of martyr for the cause when it is NOT his faith that is suffering but his football playing abilities is seriously retarded. Come on, guys.

This woman makes some hilarious videos. She has some wonderful points to make and has quite the knack for making just about anybody laugh at the hypocrisy of Christianity. I like what she says about the ridiculous assertion that Christianity is being persecuted in the United States. I happen to think she is correct.

The argument this woman raises here in regards to a very common series of questions that many Christians pummel non-believers with (usually within the throes of trying to convert the non-believer) is spot on. I have been given this line of questioning many times since ditching religion. What if I am wrong? What if I have denied God and Jesus in error? Wouldn't I rather play it safe?

As the centuries since the establishment of Christianity continue to pass what hasn't passed in the least is the use of the threat of hell to convert people. One of the things I find so perplexing (not truly perplexing in the intellectual sense as there is ZERO intellectual value in destructive religion) as to why people cling to the ravings of the Bible is that people say that Armageddon and the Second Coming and all that will be the end of all time. Then they turn around and say non-believers will burn in hell forever. Isn't the term 'forever' indicative of the opposite of the end of all time? I mean, I'm just saying...

I like how this guy breaks everything down to a point-by-point, very easy to understand argument as to the absurdity of the supposedly FREE gift of salvation from Jesus and total forgiveness from God.

Don't you just love the game plan of some religious folks to prove that the Bible is TRUE by using...the Bible as the evidence?

God is one ginormous contradiction from just about every angle. If God and Jesus are not contradicting themselves they are contradicting each other.

This is truly one of the best arguments against Christianity I have ever heard. It is short and sweet, addresses some of the more glaring issues within Christianity in general, and it is quite witty. Outstanding.

Hhaaahaa!!! A pink unicorn...but you can't really tell if it is pink or if it is even a unicorn at all since you cannot see it. Awesome!

This video does an excellent job of showing that the supposed Almighty is nothing more than an incompetent, tantrum throwing, attention craving, pathological deity.

I get sick and tired of hearing the uber-religious prattle on and on of how 'finely tuned' the universe is, a special consideration for man by God. God made the entire universe for man? Is that why it took so goddamn long to get to the moon? You're telling me that the universe is so finely tuned ONLY for man that God made all of these voon-der-bar galaxies and stars and celestial bodies and satellites...knowing full well man could NEVER come to a point where he could actually travel to these distant places in the universe in order to enjoy them?

And don't give me the 'we-have-telescopes-and-space-rovers-to-take-pictures-of-these-places-so-we-can-enjoy-them' crap. That is not enjoying this entire universe God supposedly made specifically for man, never mind that these telescopes and rovers have not even really explored a smidge of the size of the universe. You would think that if this universe was indeed specifically created for man and man alone that God would have allowed for space exploration thousands of years ago. Why did God wait until the last fifty years to get man to the moon?

And since God created this big universe, and since God says He will destroy all those who do not believe in Him and worship Him, and since Jesus is supposedly on His way back real soon...well, think about all of the wasted effort and beauty for God to have created SO much and for man to have seen and experienced so little. Christians have zero argument for this. Your all-knowing God went through the effort of creating the entire universe when He KNEW WITHOUT A DOUBT that man would fuck up and never get to see and view and enjoy this entire universe God made special for man? Talk yourself out of that nonsense.


Ah, the good old-fashioned hypocrisy, back-tracking stupidity, stereotyping, and holier-than-thou nature of institutionalized religion. All hail God and His consistently sadistic tampering and torturing of the lives of human beings.

Hah! I love it. Just look at nature and be dazzled by the creative wonders of God. So, I guess that since science is not absolutely sure about somethings as far as where everything in the universes comes from, that automatically nominates the Bible and God's Creation as an acceptable alternative as to an explanation? You know, science looks and seeks for answers.

And when an answer is not clear and solid, science continues to seek reasons and truths and origins in an effort to learn more about ourselves and everything else around us. When an answer cannot be explained by Christianity what happens? Are theories and studies and all such related things initiated by the religious in an effort to find the truth? Nope. Those within the mental slavery of religion would rather not do the thinking work and take a shortcut by claiming God poofed everything into existence.

God has always favored evil. Why? How else is He supposed to get people to listen to Him and unceasingly worship Him? How else is He going to get any form of entertainment unless He creates situations where people fight and kill each other over...Him? So stupid. So fucking stupid.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Our DEAR Pal and Christian Brother Kirk Cameron

Try the latest book Turkey Broth for the Spirit: Just a Few Questions which questions the Pentateuch:

Kirk Cameron and Pal Ray Comfort:
Warning! Some Christians are Bigger Morons than they Appear!

     I would very much like to get my hands on one of the remixed copies of Darwin's book that was passed out by Cameron and Comfort. These men seem like they are likable enough until they start spouting off about religion, right? The steadfast belief that Christians and only Christians are correct is pure insanity but these guys cannot see this to save themselves.
     Lord forbid that anyone should think or believe differently than Comfort and Cameron who are so deluded in the surety of their faith that they badly twist facts and horribly distort the truth in a stumbling attempt to bring more souls to Jesus. Good luck, guys. You'll definitely need it.

     You know, in the first part of this clip Cameron actually manages to look smug, a far cry from the cute little chubby-faced kid in Growing Pains. Don't you just love Cameron's false analogy of the camera and the human eye?! This woman is AWESOME!!! I totally need a girlfriend like her.

     Howard Stern...I love you. You have a way of putting things that can make the dead laugh, holy shit! I love listening to you! Stern is absolutely correct...Cameron has not been denied ANY right. Any. Not one. I totally agree with Stern when he infers it is great that some people find religion but not so great that these same people feel compelled to expose the rest of us to it as well. Robin says, "Don't you want to learn everything from a TV actor?" Hah! Excellent!
     Here at some part of the broadcast Cameron says only God can change the heart of the person to be moral. ? WTF? So, I suppose David Koresh, Jim Jones, the Millerites, Jimmy Swaggart, Jimmy Bakker, and all the other delusional within Christianity are on the right track to morality? P-shaw. Again, I agree with Stern when he asks why is it so important for Cameron to try to change all of us to his version of thinking?

     Cameron wants your children to be taught what he believes in public schools? Hell no. Nope. If it ever came down to that I would sell a kidney to put my kids in a private school that DIDN'T teach such bullshit.

     People professing to be Christian did this to the gay community. Nice. How would those same Christians appreciate gays going into their church or neighborhood and doing the same thing...except for the OTHER SIDE of the argument?

     Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron totally dissed by a fellow preacher.

     Here, Cameron tries to use huge and amazing facts in an effort to stymie you into believing his own version of truth which is more of a delusional assertion of faith. This man seems to take great joy in making himself appear as an ass to as many people as possible. Nature is observable proof that Cameron and Comfort BOTH are idiots.

     Cameron is so full of shit. Why does he make it so easy to prove he is lying? Much like the question of how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie-Pop, the world may never know.

     This is absolutely hilarious! These two idiots are an excellent argument for sterilization.

     HHaaahahaAA!!!! Oh, JESUS!! You have to watch this!! Out-freaking-standing!

     Hah!! This stupid fucker totally gets the founding documents of this country all fucked up. Total moron douchebag.

     Hebrew republic? What the fuck are you talking about, Cameron? A republic by definition is a form of government where the country is a public matter and not the property or concern of the rulers. Read the Old Testament and you will find NO SUCH THING as a Hebrew republic. The God of the Bible ran every facet of the Israelites' lives and the horrible track record of this God in relation to the terrible hell the people (who were supposed to be his chosen people) suffered is evidence as to the non-existence of this supposed Hebrew republic. The God of the Bible gives two shits and a mother fuck about what people want as this God only wants what benefits Him, right? Praise and glory and worship. That is what the God of the Bible is all about.

      So...if I want a builder to do something for me I need to have faith in him? Uhm...NO. I want to see references and examples of his finished work, fuck the faith. I am not going to pay this builder or even consider giving him my business unless i am one hundred percent sure that he can do the work I need to be done. Faith has no place in something like building anyways. Are you going to have 'faith' that the building is according to code and earthquake-proof requirements, or are you going to hire a guy who you know FOR SURE will get it done the way it needs to get done?

     Hah! Comfort is hilarious when trying to answer the question posed him as to who made God.

     Again, Comfort makes no goddamn sense as he tries to give an answer that is in correlation to his screwy beliefs AND that trumps atheism at the same time. Doesn't happen. Comfort's dancing answers as to God and the creation of evil only serve to solidify the stupidity of the Bible and its God.

     I love the comment in here as to Cameron and Comfort being two of the finest fifteenth century minds. It is absolutely wonderful how these assholes try to validate their absurd beliefs by trying to make scientists look like they do not know what they are talking about.

     This video opens with the typical behavior of Creationists using and abusing comments by others in an attempt to prove the ridiculousness of the Bible. And, look! An orangutan is proved to hold and express more intelligence that Comfort and Cameron put together times ten.

     Here Cameron asserts that evolution is male chauvinist and racist...never mind that that describes Christianity perfectly. Oh yes. The pathetic opinion of women as expressed in the Bible is not worth the thin rice paper it is printed on. And yes, quote mining is the life-blood of Christianity and almost all attempts to prove such rubbish true.

     The statistics presented in the beginning of this video are not very comforting, are they? People are not demanding scientific reform because if they do that then more and more people will fall away from the stupidity of religion. Then, where will the perceived power of the Christians go? Right down the toilet. Then, they will not be in charge of they things they are in charge of and people will stop listening altogether whenever they claim that their rights are being taken away.