Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Servants of Satan: Part One

These are servants of Satan?

Apparently there are a lot of people out there in the world who think there are many, many servants of Satan lurking around every religious corner, just waiting with fangs dripping evil intentions and quivering with the desire to utterly devour every Christian they come across. Whatever, man. Check out these folks who have been labeled as servants of Satan.

Okay, sooo...I don't like this John Hagee guy either. I think he is a pompous idiot prone to delusional religious outbursts. BUT...a servant of Satan? Seriously? And what is this poo-poo about all of the numbers he mentioned equaling eleven? WTF? Then the narrator of this film says that Hagee participates in Satanic ritual. Hah! You are crazy.

Oh, look! Preachers preaching against preachers. Playing a deluded game of point and accuse of being the devil or being in league with the devil. What do you think Jesus would say about this? Plus...this guy is extremely generous and liberal with his interpretations of what Hagee has said. Lovely. And he keeps saying he has proof this and proof that. Well, then show this proof. Don't just talk about it. And when you are done tearing each other apart maybe you will go and remember what the hell message it is that you are supposed to be preaching to people...and it isn't to preach against another preacher, you twat. 

Why do these people care about the supposed all-seeing eye of Satan? Don't they remember that the God of the Holy Bible is supposed to be all-powerful, so who gives a shit what this Satan fellow can see and what the hell he does with whatever it is he sees? You people swear to have so much power from this mega-one and only God but you are afraid of so much. You have serious issues.

What do we have here but well known people showing the hand signs of Satan. Really? Really? Of course there would be some person out there who would make a video about the perils of Satan and who would use the freaking music from the Halloween movies for added effect. I bet they thought they were being fairly original in their approach, too. Be sure to read the part in this video where Helen Keller is theorized to have invented the 'I-love-you' sign language symbol to resemble the symbol for Satan. SOOOOOOOO goddamn stupid it makes me want to scream.

This is great! These preachers are all douchebags. I like the opening sequence where Benny Hinn, of all people, makes the comment that you will know who people are by the fruits of their labors and by their character and way of life. Good stuff! Preachers preaching for money and not Jesus. Wonderful.

Wow! Good thing we have these videos to show us all who the servants of Satan are, right?

Oh, yes! HERE are the servants of Satan, right? The preachers who convince their precious little sheep to empty their wallets in order to please Jesus are some of the slimiest fucktards to walk this planet. Total losers.

Here are Satan's alleged minions Paula and Randy White. Sooo...are these Jesus-preaching servants of Satan ALL blessed with the silvery-slick tongues that have the amazing ability to bilk people out of so much money?

Dude, all of these famous preachers worship Satan? Who do you then trust to give you the supposed word of God as it was meant to be preached? How do you know whether or not the people telling you that these preachers are worshiping Satan are not the ones who actually worship Satan? What of they ALL worship Satan? Wait...if Satan is not real (and I more than just suspect he is not) who the fuck are these people worshiping?

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