Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Biblical Incest Explained

What do Christians have to say about the incest in the Bible?

Okay, so, I have always wanted to put this particular posting together that shows video clips of what some Christians think when it comes to the incest in the Bible. I have also included comments from non-Christians as well. I hope you have been just as curious as to what people will say. Let us take a look...

Sooo...according to this fellow Adam and Eve were not the only people in the Bible and so when Cain was banished and went and found a wife it was NOT his sister. Hummm.

Sooo...we SHOULDN'T judge Adam and Eve's kids sleeping with each other because our culture is different from their culture. Oh, and God did not outlaw incest until way later. Hah!

Oh my goodness this woman is hilarious!!! Outstanding! I hope she makes more videos.

I love what this guy says about the bible being "open minded" with all of the incest going on and Jesus being everyone's brother and why people call each other 'brother' and 'sister' in church. Gives new meaning to the circle of life, right?

Holy shit! Listen to the validation of incest that this nutty Christian gives. So fucked up! That's right, sin came in and screwed everything up. know it took a while for the bad genetic consequences of the sin of incest to catch up. Say what? Is this part of God's planning?

This woman makes a good point of the writers of the Bible trying to ink in a loophole for incest.

Haahahahah!!!! Good stuff! Follow the Bible by NOT following the Bible when it comes to incest.

The Bible IS full of incest and it IS wrong to marry your brother or sister, you twit. This young man seems very sincere, but he is also totally fucked in his reasoning in defense of incest in the Bible. Poor kid. Hopefully he will grow a brain someday. He keeps mentioning when the law against incest was given. Say, do you think that it was okay to kill people until the law said it was wrong?

Dear me, this fellow is on crack.

Oh look! Another loser preacher defending incest in the Bible. Are you surprised? Sooo...Cain and Abel were closer genetically than twins? The negative mutations had not begun? Why was sin so slow in catching up with the gene pool? 

Ahhh, I see. Since God did not tell man until way after Adam and Eve that incest was wrong...well, it wasn't wrong? But...what about doing it with your freaking sibling? Or what about Lot and his daughters? What the fuck is wrong with Christianity? Aren't they the guilty casting the first stones?

Dear dear dear! All of these folks say the same goddamn thing overall. They have nothing else to explain this shit away so they do what they can to meld this whole incest thing into the 'plan' that this great God of theirs supposedly has for man. Lovely.

Neither God nor the Bible can make a decision on incest, right? And how is this possible if God is supposed to always be the same...yesterday, today, forever and all of that happy horseshit. Can't happen, can it? If incest was okay back then with God it should be okay now if God never changes, right? His word NEVER fades like the flowers...sooo...if Cain could screw his sister, hell, so could you, right?

This guy is great! I love his "EEWWWWWW!!!" approach. Totally awesome! He is right about Cain having to marry his sister or his mother. I am betting it was his sister since Cain was banished and then got married and Eve stayed with Adam and popped out more kids.

You gotta listen to the part of this video where the guy reads the story of Lot and his daughters from the Bible in a redneck voice. Totally priceless!!

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  1. Tell me what your answers are to incest in the Bible? Do YOU think the Bible and God are wrong for that? How do YOU explain it and validate/dismiss it?


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