Thursday, May 9, 2013

Jesus is One Funny Guy!

Now You Know for Sure God Does Have a Sense of Humor

I like the bit in this clip when Pastor Joel Osteen asks whether Jesus was black of white when He said, "Buenos dias." Good stuff!

It's Richard Pryor! You gotta love this guy. No one could pull this off like this guy does.

This was truly a creative remake of the hit song. I like the part where they ask, "Hey, wasn't that Tim Tebow?"

Delicious fun!!


Isn't this the truth of how many steeped in religion approach science?  You would think that the power of the most supreme being ever could overcome such. Whatever. I suppose the Almighty must have limits as well, even if those limits do happen to be actual science. He didn't think this stuff through real well when He invented it all, did He?


His invisibleness? Hah!!

You know, the pretty little myths of the Bible simply make no sense whatsoever. This little cartoon is an excellent example of why a story such as the Flood of Noah is pointless and stupid.

This is a mighty fine example of one of the worst arguments the religiously deluded repeatedly attempt to try to use in an effort to make sense of their nonsense mutterings and scriptures.

This is one of the most bad ass, hilarious stories EVER!!!

That's right, answer these questions with real answers and none of that pretend crap. And no circular reasoning either. On, and none of that because the Bible says so bullshit. Give a real answer that offers true validation of whatever screwy story it is that you are trying to prove.


Oh dear LORD!! HAAh!!!!

That is absolutely correct, folks. Noah and his pretty little ark never freaking existed except in the delusional mind of the individual who made up such a retarded story in order to explain their version of God. I also thought it funny that the sons of God found the human females so becoming. Did God neglect to make adequate mates for them and maybe that is why they thought the human ladies so hot?

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