Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pat Robertson...AGAIN

Son of God or Son of a Bitch?

     Stop talking about the cheating man? He is a man so such behavior is to be expected? Doesn't the cheating man provide a home and food? Males have a tendency to wander so what a wife needs to do is make the home so wonderful that the man will not wander?

     I want you to listen closely to what Pat says in response to a 17 year-old young man's question on how to help fix his parents' marriage. Pat starts off pretty good and offers what is sound and reasonable advice. It does not take very long for the brain connected to Pat's mouth to begin offering what is in all reality super fucked up comments. 
     Now, if the question by the young man is in fact a real question sent in and not some kind of stupid religious skit Pat should be utterly ashamed of himself (although we know he won't be). The young man obviously loves his parents and cares deeply for the relationship between his parents, and he is asking Pat for advice to make things better...not pointers on how to stir the pot in the relationship.
     The hope that is implied in the young man's question that Pat can help is completely smashed by Pat's out-of-this-world stupid comments. Pat, you have created an entirely new level of stupidity and disrespect.

     Soooo, apparently Pat has made a connection between a lack of education and the ability to witness miracles. The problem, according to Pat, is that education gets in the way of people seeing miracles for what they are...miracles. He is more or less saying that stupid people are the ones who can see miracles.

     The comments Pat makes here are so utterly fucked up that you gotta wonder why the lambs of the world follow this mother fucker in the first place.

     Pat is a fine example of how jackass former vice-president Dan Quayle will behave and sound like in about another two decades. So, here Pat says that Islam drives its believers to kill and maim and destroy. Oh, and he said it was demonic as well.
     This comment is one of the best examples of Christians and representatives of Christianity conveniently forgetting how their faith also drives believers to kill and maim and destroy. 

     Pat Robertson solidifies his place in the stupid bigot hall of fame by advising a Christian young man to leave his Muslim girlfriend as she is not likely to convert to Christianity. Pat, you sir are fucked in the head.

     Hummm...Pat seems to be struggling with the idea that men are not the only sex that watches porn.

     So, Dungeons and Dragons is a game that is demonic and destroys lives? You know Pat, considering the behaviors and dogmas of many in your brand of faith the very same thing could be said of Christianity. It too is demonic as it possesses many of its followers to intentionally act horribly. Not only that, but human history is very matter-of-fact in providing example after example of Christianity destroying lives.

     Haaahahahhaaa!!!!!! Pat has now completed his very own circle of stupidity. 

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